Who do you share good news with? Easter Newsletter 2023

Late is better than never, right? Check out an excerpt from our latest newsletter below, or read the full thing here: Easter 2023 Newsletter.

Who do you share good news with?

Joe got a job. He’s been staying in the shelter system for a while and came to share the news with us; we shared in his excitement with him. Robin returned after a few months out East; we welcomed him back with hugs and big smiles. John came to tell us that he had amazing news that would change his living situation; we were joyful with him.

Sharing news with others can be vulnerable. Whether good or bad, we want people to share in our feelings. Sharing news requires trusting someone with your joy or our sadness, and inviting them into sharing these feelings with you.

The Easter story relies on the sharing of news. When Mary first sees the empty tomb, she runs to share what she thinks is bad news with Simon Peter and John (John 20:2). Then, Jesus appears to Mary and shares good, joyful news with her: that it is really Him, and that He has resurrected and will soon ascend to the Father (John 20:17). Jesus invites her to go share this good news to the disciples.

To truly share in joy or sadness with people requires relationship. Jesus chose to tell His good news to the world through a weeping friend. Because she knew the truth of who He was, and because she was known by Him, Mary naturally shared in the joy of this good news. Jesus sharing the good news of His resurrection through a friend shows us that friendship serves as a foundation not only when times are hard, but when times are good too.

At the drop-in, we share in peoples’ sadness often and are happy to do so. But we also aim to be a place where good news for our neighbour is also good news for us; where we know our neighbours well enough that their joy can be our joy too.

Happy Easter everyone. He is Risen!



The Capital City Mission Team