Due to COVID-19 In-Kind-Donations of clothing have been suspended at this time

Donation Items:

If you or a group of friends are interested in taking on the challenge of supplying a few of our daily needs at the Drop-In we would sure love the help!

Think Lunch Bags  – We can provide the sandwiches, YOU can provide the snacks!

  • Cases of bottled water + juice boxes
  • Granola Bars + mini zip locks of trail mix
  • Individually packaged cookies (ex Dad’s cookies)
  • Apples, Oranges, Bananas
  • Fruit cups, apple sauce, plastic spoons

Coffee & Tea – We go through more coffee than you could ever imagine in a month. Every can counts!

Milk – We prefer to serve real rather than powdered milk with our coffee but this comes at a cost. The best way to help with milk donation is to provide Loblaws, Metro etc gift cards.

Sugar – What is a coffee without a little bit of sugar?

Gift Cards – Donating gift cards gives us the most flexibility to replenish whatever is missing from our fridge. It also allows us to have friends from the drop-in to take part in the grocery shopping. They are able to help provide for the place they find home.

*This list has been adapted to meet our specific needs as we adapt our services during the pandemic. Donations can be dropped off at 521 Rideau St Monday to Friday from 9:30am-12pm. If you have any questions about delivery or what we are able to use please reach out to keltie@capitalcitymission.com or phone 613-241-2407.

And thank you for your generosity!