Interested in getting involved as a group?

Here are a few of the ways the groups have been getting involved in the past but let’s talk and get creative about how your group might get connected!

Sandwich Club – We have groups that make us sandwiches weekly or monthly from Woodwale, Bethel, Medex Extended Care, and The Bridge. 

Donation Collection – Many small groups take on the challenge of collecting a large amount of something. For example one group collected enough coffee for three months at the Drop-In.

Bethel Young Adults – Monthly, a group of young adults join Timothy and connect  with our neighbours on a community walk.

Arlington Woods Youth Group – Each February the youth bake and decorate cookies and then come in  small groups over a few evenings to share them with us.

Barbecue (HELP WANTED) – Each summer we like to host several community BBQ’s for the whole Lowertown Neighbourhood. If you are part of a group that would like join us in  running  a BBQ and  collecting food for it please contact Keltie at 613-241-2407 or

Interested in getting involved as an individual or group? Contact Keltie at:
613-241-2407 or
Or drop in anytime during our Drop-In hours. We call it “The Drop-In” for a reason!