New Executive Director: A Letter From Timothy

We are excited to announce Keltie as the CCM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR! I thank God for sending Keltie to the ministry at 19 years old and calling her to a vocation to love the community we call home. Keltie loves God, her family, and her neighbours! For the past seven years Keltie has been directing many aspects of the ministry.

In June of 1999, by faith, my family and I left the role of being a pastor in Alberta and started a journey to go found CCM. In March 2000 we opened the doors on Rideau, with a message to the Church & Community that reflects Emanuel, God with Us! We did this by consistently being in this community for almost 2 decades. We responded to Matthew 25 “as you to did unto these you did unto me” and we have learned that “mercy triumphs over Judgment” James 2:13b.

To have a ministry like CCM have a smooth transition from a founder being the ED, to the Assistant Director becoming ED, is a wonderful gift from God! Over the last six months God has given me a path that completely compliments CCM, in Chaplaincy with The Ottawa Mission. My responsibilities now with CCM will be primarily Chaplaincy. I will continue to operate the Drop-In one night a week, train and go out on street walks with groups, and remain in relationship with supporters.

We are not set back, we are set forward! A place to find friendship and a place to find help will expand!

I have prayed for these moments to be honouring to God. I have prayed for the moment when CCM would have good leadership and I could be a pastor & missionary. God has now given us a community parish that The Ottawa Mission and CCM are both located in. My intention daily now is to magnify the message of God’s Mercy!

Grace be with you!