Our Drop-In

I’ve been so isolated my entire life. It’s been my comfort zone… But people here have made me feel wanted. – Alex

Our drop-in is open daily to our neighbours Monday through Friday. During our open hours, individuals can receive a meal, coffee, tea, socks, toques, and whatever else we can provide through generous donations. Living with realities of unstable housing, mental health issues, and disability of any kind can increase the experience of isolation. We seek to offer a safe place where people can find community, friendship, and help. We see between 160 and 180 friends daily; we serve them a coffee and we greet them by name.

We seek to alleviate that isolation by being a home and a family to one another. We recognize that the fullness of life is so much more than meeting basic human needs and we seek to show each person their belovedness and value.


Monday 9am-12:30pm

Tuesday 9am-12:30pm, 6:30pm-8pm

Wednesday 9am-12:30pm

Thursday 9am-12:30pm

Friday 9am-12:30pm