A New Space for the Winter!

We are now operating a canteen and the drop-in from two separate locations to ensure safety for our staff and community!

As many of you know, we responded to the pandemic by closing down our indoor drop-in space at 521 Rideau Street and turning it into a canteen. Throughout the pandemic we regularly served over 100 people from our kitchen window daily. Throughout the spring and summer this worked really well. We were able to provide a light meal to our neighbours daily, and staff were able to have meaningful conversations with folks outside on the sidewalk from a safe distance. We are so grateful for the ability that we had to adapt our space and stay connected.

As winter approached we knew that we needed to help get people back indoors. We also knew that our current space was too small to safely continue the canteen and have people visiting together with appropriate social distance. After brainstorming a few different options we were thrilled to be able to rent a second unit just two doors down on Rideau Street, where since November we have been running a drop-in centre again. This has allowed our community to feel more supported by us and also by each other. Though each person sits at their own table there is a renewed sense of togetherness and peer support among our community. This second space has also allowed us to being praying together and reflecting on scripture in small groups.

Oh, I like it a lot. I take the spot closest to Keltie and I talk with her. I like it so much.