Everyone needs a place to connect with others and to be themselves.

Many people find that place with us at our daytime drop-in centre. By providing a space of safety and offering friendship, Capital City Mission feels like home for many in our city.

Home is more than a roof over our heads

A Physical Home

Each day people sit around tables together at our drop-in. They receive a meal, find a safe place to rest, and enjoy each other’s company. We are the neighbourhood’s living room.


Home is more than a roof over our heads

An Emotional Home

As we become friends with our neighbours, we learn how to support each other. Capital City Mission is often the first point of contact for other necessary services that people look for.


Home is more than a roof over our heads

A Spiritual Home

Many of us have difficult histories with religion. At CCM we seek to provide a save place to ask questions and be supported in faith through weekly bible studies and ongoing chaplaincy. Everyone is welcome here!


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